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Standards & codes

In order to enable our pakar grandstands to be used in all around the world, we have adopted the following standards & codes in each country.


Pakar Grandstand complies with the European Standards EN13200-1, EN13200-3, EN13200-4, 13200-6, USA Standards (NFPA and UBC) and Australia BCA.


Pakar Grandstand is designed to live loads 5.0kN/m2 and 6% horizontal load in accordance to EN13200-6, wind speed range from 120 km/h to 200 km/h and earthquake to local codes.


The Pakar Grandstand system is assembled without any bolts, nuts and screws.


The grandstand components are inter-locking and do not require any fabrication welding on site.


The steel components of Pakar Grandstand are hot dipped galvanized approved by SGS, compliant with European Standard ISO 1461, American Standard ASTM A123.


Pakar is entitled with Certificate of Canadian welding procedure CW47.1, and also AWS-D1.1.

Grandstand system

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